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OncembleX – First in the world, a Novel clinical decision support tool: predicts clinical response to a specific targeted therapy

Currently Genomic testing helps in identifying only the presence of clinically actionable mutations. However, this does not guarantee drug response to a selected targeted therapy. Alteration status of various other genes, collectively determine drug response.

OncembleX pan cancer gene panel and multi-omics platform contains clinically actionable genes, disease drivers and genes important for disease prognosis. Our report is not a mere matching of an actionable mutation to an approved targteted therapy for that mutation. It takes into account:

  • Other mutations (even if non-actionable)
  • Their impact on cancer & drug pathways as well as biomarkers

Our proprietary platform analyses the collective impact of all mutations (actionable as well as non-actionable), CNVs, Splice variants & fusion on the cancer pathway and therefore the impact of the therapy

OncembleX is a new paradigm in cancer treatment – using not only well known mutations in cancer, but also a profusion of many other data associated with the patient, such as genomic cross-talks, CNVs, methylations and physiological parameters – creates a holistic picture of the patient’s personalized cancer biology. This helps identify the best therapeutic intervention for the patient supported by deep biological knowledge as well as statistical evidence.

OncembleX has an optimum balance of tumour biology and data science driven approach to aid the best therapy selection for maximum clinical benefit.

NeoTox: Drug Response Driven Pathway Analysis

Patient samples are screened against approved drugs for specific cancer or pan-cancer drugs at therapeutic concentrations.

The therapeutic response Data is integrated into the cancer analytic platform to decipher patient cancer signature – that is pathways altered, biomarkers deregulated and resistance mechanisms hindering complete drug efficacy. Ideal drug combinations are selected to target the resistance mechanisms for enhanced drug response.

Patient cancer biology is decoded and translated into an actionable therapy recommendation.

If NeoToX recommendation matches your treatment protocol, it provides certainity. If it doesn’t, you will have early information on what to modify and personalize therapy much earlier in the course of treatment.

If you or any of your family members, friends is diagnosed with cancer, stop worrying about clinical outcomes and treatment costs. OncoDynamiX is here to help you in your treatment journey and we are committed to fight against cancer.

  • Contact us to help you connect with the best Oncologist near you and to suggest our test suited to your cancer type.
  • Ask your oncologist for OncembleX or NeoTox to understand your cancer biology and right therapy selection.

OncoDynamiX is a novel clinical decision support tool that combines advanced cancer biology and data analytics to construct which treatment or combination of treatments will move the patient's survival goal-post from 30% to >90%

Choose OncembleX or NeoTox based on the Clinical scenarios

Clinical Scenarios for NeoToX Cancer Type:

  • Breast, Gynae, Colon, Rectal, Head and Neck, Gastric, Sarcoma and Pancreatic
  • Chemotherapy Naïve
  • After NACT or post surgery but not metastatic
  • First or second line failure but localized and not yet metastatic

If NeoToX recommendation matches your treatment protocol, it provides certainity. If it doesn't, you will have early information on what to modify and personalize therapy much earlier in the course of treatment.

Clinical Scenario for Oncemblex for all Cancer Types:

  • First or second line failure
  • Relapsed with a disease free interval, localized or metastatic
  • Referred patient-treated elsewhere but no clinical response
  • Multiple therapy failures

OncoDynamiX is an advanced analytic platform used by drug discovery teams for accelerating cancer drug Discovery and development.

Our platform helps drug Discovery teams more quickly identify the fundamental answers to the key question - "In which cancer cell lines and patient populations will the candidate drug molecule show enhanced therapeutic effects?", quicker. OncoDynamiX identifies favorable multi-omics alterations/combination of alterations where the drug of choice works best. It also helps to identify possible resistance mechanisms, to avoid drug failure in clinical trial.