CANCER is a complex disease.

Not all therapeutic choices work. And not all patients respond the same way to the same therapy.

Clinical Responses to drugs are highly variable (25-90%).

Patients show high heterogeneity in molecular alterations in tumors (intra- and inter-tumor).

Tumors tend to develop resistance to anticancer therapy.

Lack of therapeutic drug monitoring and Inadequate therapeutic exposures add to the complexity of cancer management.

Oncologists typically learn about treatment failures only after the therapy is completed or halfway through the treatment.

Each patient and each tumor is unique. One drug doesn’t fit all.

Personalized therapy options are the need of the hour. Knowledge of patient specific multi omics data, cancer signaling pathways and cancer biology is critical to effective therapy decisions and better patient outcomes.

OncoDynamiX enables personalized therapeutic decisions

OncoDynamiX has developed proprietary AI-driven Integrated Technology Platform that combines sophisticated lab techniques with multi-omics tools to predict clinical response of each cancer patient to a specific drug or combination of drugs – before commencing the treatment.

OncoDynamiX Edge
  • Identifies most effective and least resistant treatment – 1st time
  • Optimises cancer treatment for each patient
  • Reduces sequential trial and error based multiple therapy lines
  • Improves patient QoL
  • Reduces significant anxiety for patients
  • Reduces uncertainty over therapy failure

Cancer Deaths Worldwide, 2018

  • Cancer develops over time through gradual accumulation of somatic Gene mutations and Genetic alterations (copy number increase, deletions, translocations).
  • Genetic alterations lead to abnormalities in cell functions and dysregulation of normal physiological processes such as cell growth, proliferation, angiogenesis, and cell death.
  • Cancer causes high mortality and one of the most difficult diseases to treat.
  • An estimated 17 million cases were reported worldwide in 2018 with 9.6 million deaths.
  • Some of the major cancers are Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Prostate, Stomach, Liver and hematological malignancies.